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GIS Crane System

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GIS Travelling crane

GIS travelling cranes define the overhead material transport up to 5000 kg lifting capacity in terms of efficiency. Our objective is rational and area covering goods handling. Based on structural and customer’s requirements, we offer and realise the appropriate, robust and durable solution in design, ergonomics and safety.


  • Construction with standardised beam
  • With manual or motorised trolley
  • Crane track fixation to ceiling, pillars or steel beams, mounted directly or distanced (free standing system)
  • Overhang of hook possible
  • Control switch on trolley or control switch independent of trolley (roving pendent) or radio remote control
  • Standard drives EMFE stepless or pole-changeable
  • Power supply with conductor line, parallel running C-rail with trailing cable or cable carriage
  • Several chain hoists on a monorail possible (tandem operation)

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