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Power System

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Conductor Lines

Conductor line systems in open or closed version, with or without insulation protection for the application manual working areas, for rough outdoors ambient conditions up to individual spot-applications in workshops or on assembly lines are offered in accordance with the requirements of different materials, with different numbers of poles and indifferent versions. The corresponding current collectors as well as an extensive number of accessories for installation, attachment and connection as well as the required cables and terminal boxes can also be offered in a complete package if requested.

Enclosed conductor lines are available – max. 11 poles – in aluminium-version or as plastics mall type conductor line – max. 7 poles. Conductor lines of shock-proof plastic offer advantages with regard to price and weight. They are offered pre-installed with profiled copper as well as with continuous copper band.

Terminal boxes, power supply lines and installation material as well as accessories for wall-and ceiling attachment complete the product range. The current collecting trolleys are made of shock-proof plastic and are used as single- or double-collecting trolleys.

Cable Reels

Motor- and spring-driven cable reels are designed for the power supply to movable machines.The motor- and spring-driven cable reels are manufactured in accordance with the travel distances and the power of the movable machines. Regarding the version of the cable reel it is differentiated between cylindrical and spiral version. Which one of these versions is chosen depends on the customer’s resp. design-requirements.
Special designs and the required accessories are innovatively produced by Stemmann-Technik corresponding to the customer’s requirements.

Cable Festooned Systems – Series

The types “CRL1” and “CRL2” are available. The difference betweenthose two running rails is to be found in their dimensions. Thedimensions profile runningrail “CRL2” are bigger and it requiresdifferent cable trolleys, which have a higher carrying capacity. Allprofilerunning rails are made of steel and are sendzimir galvanized togrant a long service life of the products. The standard length of theprofilerunning rails is 6 m (resp. 3 m). Acc. to requirements they canbe extended by means of railconnectors. If less than 6 m (resp. 3 m)are required we will cut the profilerunning rails to the correspondinglength. You will only have to pay for each partially fractured metre.

The profilerunning rail “CRL1” was designed for lower carryingcapacities. The most stable cable trolley for this profilerunning rail hasa carrying capacity of 15 kg. The profilerunning rail “CRL2” differsfrom the profilerunning rail “CRL1” with regard to its dimensions. Thistype is meant for bigger cable trolleys with a higher carrying capacity.The most stable cable trolley for the profilerunning rail “CRL2” has acarrying capacity of 35 kg.

able trolleys have the function to fix and to move cables or hoses in the area of the profile-running rail. The cable trolleys are made of galvanized steel and are beared on rollers so that they can be moved easily in the area of the profile-running rail. They are equipped with a rubber- or plastic plating for that the transported cable is not damaged. The cable trolleys for the profile-running rails “CRL-1” and “CRL-2” can be operated at a travel speed of up to 60 m/min. Inclined traction of cable trolleys should be avoided. Generally, the cable trolleys are equipped with a small boring at their exterior. This boring serves for attachment of a trolley-carrier, in case this is required. We distinguish the cable trolleys between the following basic types:

  • flat- and round cable trolleys
  • trolley-carriers
  • support trolleys
  • control trolleys
  • end supports

Rigid version, types “LFSCR” and “LFSCRK”
The flat cable trolleys in pendular version are available in types “LFCR” and “LFCRK”. Those two versions differ with regard to the carrying capacity which they can carry and the material of the running wheels. Compared to the cable trolleys in “rigid version” the cable trolleys in “pendular version” have the advantage that they are better suitable for the cable guidance in curved forms (provided that your cable festooned systems includes curved pieces).Pendular version, types “LFCR” and “LFCRK”

Our flat cable trolleys in rigid version are available in different types which you can compose acc. to your requirements. The individual types differ with regard to the material of the running wheels, the length of the cable trolley, the width of the cable and the support radius. The big advantage of rigid cable trolleys is that the cables cannot be twisted in the area of the stacking length.

Rigid version, type “LKF”

The type “LKF” basically differs from the other cable trolleys since the cable rest as well as the running wheels are made of plastic (polyamide). The advantage of this plastic-cable trolley is that it is designed for ambient conditions at which steel-cable trolleys cannot be used. Although the cable trolley is of very light weight, during operation a high stability is achieved due to the weight of the cable. Since the cable trolley “LKF” has a carrying capacity of 15 kg it can also be used at high loads.

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