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Roller Conveyor Pallet Lifter

Roller conveyors pallet lifter are used in distribution systems to quickly move anything from small cartons up to full pallets from point to point.


The roller conveyors from INTERLIFT are engineered for conveyance of desired goods with various weights or size essentially situated on pallets. These conveyors can be customized as per consumer’s needs for different pallet volumes whose receiving part is filled with handheld or accumulated pallet. It features an outlines check-frame along with photo electric sensor to imply an overrun pallets along the conveyor.
Additionally, it consist of extra add-ons feature such as loading and unloading area are customized for anticipating further control with a pallet using a pallet’s forklift/stacker. It also comprises of an elevating lifter that is supported in steel design columns profile are hung on via steel wire rope.
This system can become part of your internal transportation system for goods and materials, helps to increase the speed of materials movedfrom point to point.

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