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Vaccum Lifter

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters are the new ergonomic solution of this day & age where the population is aging and work injuries are a common occurrence, often assumed as a one-off case. Schmalz vacuum system is an economic solution for simpler, safer and more effective lifting. Schmalz quality products increase lifting reliability and improve productivity from staff, it helps to reduce the damaging of goods, potential injuries and/or even eliminate these down-time issues. It increase productivity and consistency exponentially. Repetitive motion/stress injury caused by certain job scopes which require manual production or manual handling may cause a production slow down or even production to cease. Ergonomic Problems cost Singapore S$3.5 Billion a year from Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) claims, worker compensations, injury claims, etc.

Vacuum Lifter


The Benefits:

  • Improve productivity and the bottom line for the company
  • Help people stay at work longer and return people to work sooner following injury/illness
  • Reduction of Worker Compensation Costs
  • Keep healthcare costs down
  • The most effective method available for reducing injuries quickly
  • Minimise and prevent disorders from repetitive stress
  • Reduces manpower required to handle materials


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