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Preventive Service Maintenance

All material handling equipment should undergo periodic preventive service maintenance to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. By immediately identifying problem areas and making minor necessary repairs, costly downtime to your business operations can be prevented.

  • Prolong your equipment’s life span.
  • Enhances the equipment safety features and reduces operation downtime.
  • Reduce unanticipated breakdowns and maintain smooth production
  • Early detection of equipment abnormalities

Emergency Response and 24-Hours Service Hotline

INTERLIFT fully understands the importance of keeping your facilities running at all times. Downtime with your material handling equipment can be costly and may affect your company’s productivity. For this reason, we have put in place a 24-hour service hotline to attend to your repair needs. Just give us a call when your material handling equipment is down and we will solve your problem promptly.


INTERLIFT can assist to ensure all your lifting equipment go through the mandatory MOM statutory yearly visual inspection and 4-yearly load test. The equipment will be tested vigorously and in compliance with our local SS497 standard.


Upgrading or modernising existing equipment is a cost-effective solution for meeting your changing business needs and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Our specialised service teams will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing equipment and make the necessary improvements.

We can provide the following modifications:

  • Amendment of the equipment SWL capacity
  • Adjustment of the Crane Hook Path (Height of Lift)
  • Installation of Overload Limiter or Close Space Limiter for your equipment
  • Upgrading the conventional Cable Pendant Control to Radio Remote Frequency Control System
  • Add Load Displays, Anti-Sway systems to your crane
  • Provision of Human Sensor along the moving end carriage for your gantry cranes
  • Upgrade your equipment to meet local up-to-date SS497 standard and MOM WSH Regulations


  • Old and worn crane parts or components can be refurbished
  • Motor rewinding services
  • Changing of C Track and Flat Cables System
  • Overhauling
  • Painting of whole crane structure
  • Replacement of SWL stickers


Our scope will include:

  • Dismantle every part and component of any type of crane
  • Provision of logistics facilities to transport them to a new site
  • Reassemble them like they were before with refurbishment of worn or faulty parts / components
  • Conduct MOM load testing and commissioning to ensure crane is in accordance with local SS497 standard